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Running And Upcoming IPO List (2023)

IPO NameCategoryIPO DateListing DateCutoff Price
Mankind PharmaMAINLINE21Apr – 25Apr04 May
Retina PaintsBSE SME19Apr – 24Apr03 May₹30
Quicktouch TechnologiesNSE SME18Apr – 21 Apr02 May₹61
A G UniversalNSE SME11Apr – 13Apr24 Apr₹60
Pattech Fitwell TubeNSE SME05Apr – 12Apr21 Apr₹50
Avalon TechnologiesMAINLINE03Apr – 06Apr18 Apr₹436
Sotac PharmaceuticalsNSE SME29Mar – 03Apr13 Apr₹111
Exhicon Events MediaBSE SME31Mar – 05Apr17 Apr₹64
Infinium PharmachemNSE SME31Mar – 05Apr17 Apr₹135
MOS UtilityNSE SME31Mar – 06Apr18 Apr₹76
Sancode TechnologiesBSE SME31Mar – 06Apr18 Apr₹47
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Gray Market Premium of all IPO Today

GMP with Marketyogi: Here you can see the list of Running IPO for 2023 – 2024 and Upcoming IPO along with the there GMP and Details. To know the daily GMP updates click on the IPO name.

Mainline IPO GMP

IPO NameIPO PriceIPO GMPListing Gain
Mankind Pharma₹84
Avalon Technologies IPO₹436₹51.15%
Maiden Forgings₹63-₹2-3.17%


IPO NameIPO PriceIPO GMPListing Gain
Retina Paints₹30₹310.00%
Quicktouch Technologies₹61%
A G Universal₹60₹58.33%
Pattech Fitwell Tube₹50-₹4-8%
Sancode Technologies₹47₹48.51%
MOS Utility₹76₹5.507.24%
Infinium Pharmachem₹135₹2.501.85%
Exhicon Events Media₹64₹23.12%
Sotac Pharmaceuticals₹111₹109.01%

Upcoming IPO
Stock Market

Brief About IPO

IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the process by which a private company offers its shares to the public for the first time to raise capital. The following are some terms related to IPO:

Issuer :
The company that offers its shares to the public through an IPO is called the issuer.

A financial institution or investment bank that helps the issuer with the IPO process, such as determining the offering price, managing regulatory compliance, and marketing the shares to potential investors.

A legal document that provides detailed information about the issuer, its financial performance, risks associated with investing in the company, and other relevant information to help investors make informed decisions.

Offering price:
The price at which the shares are offered to the public.

Shares outstanding:
The total number of shares that the issuer has issued and are owned by the shareholders.

Lock-up period:
A specified period after an IPO during which insiders, such as company executives and early investors, are not allowed to sell their shares.

The process by which underwriters solicit orders from potential investors to determine the demand for shares and help set the offering price.

Market capitalization:
The total value of a company’s shares is outstanding at the current market price.

The process by which underwriters buy shares in the market to support the stock price after the IPO if it falls below the offering price.

Process after IPO Allotment Done

After the IPO allotment is done, the following process takes place:

  1. Listing of shares:
    Once the allotment process is complete, the shares of the company are listed on the stock exchange. The listing date is usually a few days after the IPO allotment is completed.
  2. Trading begins:
    Trading of the shares begins on the listing day. The shares are traded on the stock exchange, and the price of the shares is determined by the demand and supply of the market.
  3. Settlement of shares:
    The settlement process involves the transfer of shares from the seller’s demat account to the buyer’s demat account. This process takes two working days to complete.
  4. Post-IPO publicity:
    After the IPO, the company and its underwriters continue to promote the company’s shares through various channels to increase investor interest and demand for the shares.
  5. Quarterly reporting:
    The company is required to report its financial results on a quarterly basis, which helps investors to evaluate the company’s performance.
  6. Compliance with regulations:
    The company must comply with various regulations such as filing periodic disclosures, ensuring good corporate governance, and adhering to listing requirements.
  7. Shareholder meetings:
    The company must hold shareholder meetings to discuss important issues such as the election of directors, appointment of auditors, and approval of major business decisions.

Overall, the company must work to maintain investor confidence and provide good returns to its shareholders to ensure the success of the IPO.

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