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Trading means buying something and selling it at an expensive price so that we can make a profit, we trade it. Similarly, in the stock market, we have to buy a stock at a cheap price and sell it at an expensive price so that we can make a profit is called Trading.

Banknifty Option BTST Call For Tomorrow

Here you will get Banknifty BTST Trade For Tomorrow.

Date: 08 Feb 2023 | Time: 03:15 PM
Buy:- Banknifty 9th Feb 41200CE
Current Price:- 425
Target:- 500
Stoploss:- own

Take BTST trade with proper risk management.

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Intraday Trading Basics Terms

Bull – A bull is a market condition where investors and traders expect the price to rise.

Bear – A bear market is a market condition where investors and traders expect a fall in share prices.

Limit Order – A limit order means an order which is executed at a specific price to buy or sell.

Market Order – A market order means an order which executes at the market price.

Day Order – A day order is an instruction for a stock broker to execute a trade at a specific price that expires at the end of the trading day if it is not complicated.

Volatility – It means the ups and down in the stock price.

Averaging Down – It means averaging the stock price in a falling market or rising market.

Capitalization – This is the value of the company according to the market.

Float – This is the number of shares that can be traded exactly after removing the shares held by the insider.

Authorized Shares – This is the total number of shares that a company can trade.

IPO – This is an initial public offering that occurs when a private company becomes a publicly traded company.

Secondary Offer – This is another offer to sell more shares and raise more money from the public.

Dividend – A portion of the income of the company which is paid to the shareholders.

Broker – A broker is a person who buys or sells shares on your behalf.

Exchange – An exchange is a place where various types of investments are made.

Portfolio – A collection of investments made by you.

Margin – A margin account allows a person to borrow money from a broker to buy shares.

Sector – A group of shares in the same sector.

Stock Symbol – It is a symbol ranging from one to three letters, which represents the company listed on the exchange. (ads1)

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