IPO Grey Market Premium 2023 | Latest IPO GMP With Marketyogi

  • Grey Market Premium is a Price that is traded in a Grey market.
  • IPO Gray Market is a marketplace where financial securities are traded informally.
  • It is not an illegal marketplace, rather it is an informal marketplace.
  • In the case of the financial securities market, all securities that are either barred from trading on the exchange or are not yet up for IPO are traded in this market.
  • All transactions in Gray Market are in cash form without any regulatory or governing authority.

Gray Market Premium of all IPO Today On 11 Jan 2023

GMP with Marketyogi: Here you can see the list of Running IPO for 2022 – 2023 and Upcoming IPO along with the there GMP and Details. To know the daily GMP updates click on the IPO name.

IPO NameApply DateIPO PriceIPO GMP
Aristo Bio Tech16 – 19 Jan₹72₹9
Ducol Organics & Colours9 – 11 Jan₹78₹18
Eastern Logica5 – 9 Jan₹225₹-12
Chaman Metallics4 – 6 Jan₹38₹25
SVS Ventures30 Dec – 4 Jan₹20₹-6
Anlon Tech29 Dec – 02 Jan₹100₹60

Closed IPO GMP of 2022

Here you are going to see, what was the Grey market premium of all the IPOs listed in 2022, on the day of listing and you can also see the listing dates of all IPO.

IPO NameGMPCutoff PriceListing DateListing Price
Abans Holdings₹27023 Dec 2022₹273
Landmark Cars₹50623 Dec 2022₹471
Sula Vineyards₹35722 Dec 2022₹361
Uniparts India₹40₹57712 Dec 2022₹617
Dharmaj Crop Guard₹55₹2378 Dec 2022₹287
Keystone Realtors₹5₹54124 Nov 2022₹546
Inox Green Energy₹6523 Nov 2022₹60
Kaynes Technology₹220₹58722 Nov 2022₹807
Five Star Business Finance₹47421 Nov 2022₹468
Archeran Chemicals₹120₹40721 Nov 2022₹527
Global Health₹20₹33616 Nov 2022₹356
Bikaji Foods₹25₹30016 Nov 2022₹325
Fusion Micro Finance₹5₹36815 Nov 2022₹372
DCX Systems₹85₹20711 Nov 2022₹292
Tracxn₹8020 Oct 2022₹84
Electronics Mart₹305917 Oct 2022₹89
Harsha Engineers₹130₹33026 Sep 2022₹450
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank₹15₹51015 Sep 2022₹495
Dreamfolks Services₹120₹32606 Sep 2022₹508
Syrma SGS₹55₹22026 Aug 2022₹260
Aether Industries₹55₹6423 June 2022₹704(9.7)
eMudhra₹2561 June 2022₹270(5.5%)
Ethos Ltd₹-5₹87830 May 2022₹830(-5.5%)
Paradeep Phosphates₹0.30₹4227 May 2022₹44(4.8%)
Delhivery₹-10₹48724 May 2022₹495(1.68)
Venus Pipes And Tubes₹20₹4224 May 2022₹335(2.76)
Prudent Corporate Advisory Services₹18₹63021 May 2022₹650(3.17)
LIC₹-26₹94917 May 2022₹872(-2.74)
Rainbow Children’s₹-10₹54210 May 2022₹510(-5.90)
Campus Activewear₹40₹29209 May 2022₹360(23.29%)
Hariom Pipe₹25₹15313Apr 2022₹178(16.34%)
Veranda Learning₹15₹13707 Apr 2022₹152(10.95%)
Uma Exports₹-₹6807 April 2022₹68(0.00%)
Ruchi Soya₹140₹65006 Apr 2022₹790(21.54%)
Vedant Fashions IPO GMP₹ -12₹86616 Feb 2022₹854(-1.39%)
Adani Wilmar IPO GMP₹ 23₹23008 Feb 2022₹253(10%)
AGS Transact IPO GMP₹ -6₹17501 Feb 2022₹169(-3.34%)

Grey Market Premium (GMP) of IPO on Listing Day in 2021

Here you are going to see, what was the IPO GMP in 2021, on the day of listing.

IPO Name GMP Listing Date
CMS Info System IPO GMP₹ 431 Dec 2021
Supriya Lifescience IPO GMP₹ 14528 Dec 2021
HP Adhesives IPO GMP₹ 10027 Dec 2021
Data Patterns IPO GMP₹ 33023 Dec 2021
Medplus Health IPO GMP₹ 14523 Dec 2021
Metro Brands IPO GMP₹ -5522 Dec 2021
Mapmyindia IPO GMP₹ 70521 Dec 2021
Shriram Properties IPO GMP₹ 1120 Dec 2021
Rategain Travel Tech. IPO GMP₹ 1817 Dec 2021
Anand Rathi IPO GMP₹ 5614 Dec 2021
Tega Industries IPO₹ 30512 Dec 2021
Star Health IPO₹ -7210 Dec 2021
Go Fashion IPO₹ 50530 Nov 2021
Tarsons Products IPO₹ 16026 Nov 2021
Latent View Analytics IPO₹ 30022 Nov 2021
Sapphire Foods IPO₹ 17318 Nov 2021
Paytm IPO₹ – 2018 Nov 2021
Sigachi Industris IPO₹ 23015 Nov 2021
SJS Enterprises IPO₹ 7614 Nov 2021
Policybazaar IPO₹ 15515 Nov 2021
Fino Payment Bank IPO₹ 011 Nov 2021
Nykaa IPO₹ 76011 Nov 2021
Aditya Birla IPO₹ 2511 Oct 2021
Paras Defence IPO₹ 23030 Sep 2021
Sensera Engineering IPO₹ 7024 Sep 2021
Ami Organics IPO₹ 16014 Sep 2021
Vijaya Diagnostics IPO₹ -514 Sep 2021
Aptus Value Housing IPO₹ -2524 Aug 2021
Chemplast Sanmar IPO₹ 424 Aug 2021
Nuvoco Vistas IPO₹ – 1023 Aug 2021
CarTrade IPO₹ 13520 Aug 2021
Devyani International IPO₹ 5716 Aug 2021
Krsnaa Diagnostics IPO₹ 28017 Aug 2021
Windlas Biotech IPO₹ 9017 Aug 2021
Exxaro Rings IPO₹ 617 Aug 2021
Rolex Rings IPO₹ 40509 Aug 2021
Gleanmark Life Science IPO₹ 8506 Aug 2021
Tatva Chintan IPO₹ 112029 July 2021
Zomato IPO₹ 2527 July 2021
G R Infra IPO₹ 58019 July 2021
Clean Science & Technology IPO₹ 62518 July 2021
India Pesticides Ltd IPO₹ 6225 Jun 2021
Doodla Dairy IPO₹ 9128 Jun 2021
Krishna Institute IPO₹ 13018 Jun 2021
Shyam Metalics IPO₹ 13624 Jun 2021
Sona BLW Comstar IPO₹ 6223 Jun 2021
Macrotech Developers IPO₹ 719 Apr 2021
Barbeque IPO₹ 007 Apr 2021
Nazara Technologies IPO₹ 57030 Mar 2021
Suryoday Bank IPO₹ 026 Mar 2021
Kalyan Jewellers₹ 026 Mar 2021
Craftsman IPO₹ 3225 Mar 2021
Laxmi Organics IPO₹ 7025 Mar 2021
Anupam Rasayan IPO₹ 7024 Mar 2021
Easy Trip IPO₹ 12519 Mar 2021
MTAR IPO₹ 49015 Mar 2021
Heranba IPO₹ 24505 Mar 2021
Railtel IPO₹ 1726 Feb 2021
Nureca IPO₹ 7526 Feb 2021
Brookfield IPO₹ 017 Feb 2021
Stove Kraft IPO₹ 7805 Feb 2021
Home First IPO₹ 17003 Feb 2021
Indigo IPO₹ 80002 Feb 2021
IRFC IPO₹ 0.3029 Jan 2021
Antony Waste IPO₹ 13501 Jan 2021


What is IPO Gray Market?

1. The gray market for financial securities is known as the IPO gray market. All transactions in this market are essentially in cash.

2. GMP is not regulated by statutory bodies like (SEBI) or any other authority. This market purely works on the trust factor with a comparatively less number of people. There is no participation of any stockbroker in this market. Only dealers work in this market. In this market, either the securities suspended from the stock exchange are traded or the securities are not yet listed or made public. Invest money in IPO only on the basis of Fundamental and Valuation.

3. Like BSE and NSE Gray Market does not have an official stock exchange. In this, trading is done on a call with mutual trust. For this, it is necessary to have personal contact with the operator. There is no guarantee of completion of the transaction in the gray market. The deals are reserved for the day of listing on NSE or BSE. The difference between the gray premium trading price is settled in cash. It also deals in small retail applications.

What are the Advantages of IPO Gray Market?

1. IPO Gray Market allows investors to exit an IPO even before its listing. Investors can take advantage of Value Movement before its listing.

2. In the case of financial securities, this market provides the issuer and the underwriter with an approximate figure of the share price and valuation before it goes public.

3. Such a market of goods offers the same authorized product by the same authorized manufacturer at a discounted price. Low prices attract customers to this market.

4. The unauthorized market as they get huge discounts from manufacturers and to get rid of excess supply they make more profit by supplying directly in the gray market.

5. IPO is the best marketplace for gray market start-ups to decide whether to go public or not. It helps startups in their valuation process.

What are the Disadvantages of the Gray market?

1 Price estimation based on the premium is not always reliable in IPO gray market. Sometimes the price range is significantly impacted due to additional subscriptions from institutional investors.

2. The gray market of financial securities is not subject to any regulatory authority. This increases manipulation and makes it risky.

3. Due to risk, many institutional investors like Pension Funds, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI), Mutual Funds, etc avoid investing in the gray market.

What is a grey market premium?

In short, a grey market premium is a difference between the price of an item at a retail store and the price of an item on the grey market (typically eBay).

Is the grey market illegal in India?

I live in India, and a grey market is illegal here. Why do you ask? Because any product which is not registered in India is an illegal product. It is illegal to buy or sell such products. The only exception is if you buy such products from the manufacturer directly. For example, if I buy an original Apple iPhone from the apple store, then it is legal. But if I buy the same product from a guy who got it from apple through a grey market, then it is illegal.

What does GMP mean in IPO?

Grey market premium is the difference between the IPO price and the price of secondary placement. Companies which are having excellent fundamentals will have more demand in the grey market. So the companies which do not have so good fundamentals will get less demand in the grey market.

Can I sell IPO on listing day?

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. These are stocks of high-growth companies that are initially listed on a public exchange. And yes, you can sell IPO on listing day. You can buy IPO on listing day, you can buy IPO for the next couple of weeks, but remember that selling IPO on listing day itself is not recommended by investment experts.

If you sell IPO on listing day, you won’t get the right price. Why? Because most of the buyers are retail investors and they don’t know the concept of value investing. They just look at the number and statistics of the company and they buy the company’s stock. But if you are an investor, you should look beyond that and figure out the valuation of the company.

So, my point is if you have a strong conviction about the company, hold your IPO stocks for the next couple of weeks. If you do that, you will get the right price.

What is GMP Grey Market Premium?

Grey Market Premium is a Price that is traded in a Grey market. IPO Gray Market is a marketplace where financial securities are traded informally. It is not an illegal marketplace, rather it is an informal marketplace. In the case of the financial securities market, all securities that are either barred from trading on the exchange or are not yet up for IPO are traded in this market. All transactions in Gray Market are in cash form without any regulatory or governing authority.