SME IPO in India – Upcoming SME IPO List – SME(BSE NSE)

There are many SME IPO listed in the previous year 2021, just like the previous year so many more SME IPO is ready to be listed in 2022. Here you can see the list of SME IPO 2022.

Before stocks can be listed and traded or exchanged, a company must announce an initial public offering (IPO) on an SME platform during an exchange. SME IPO is an extremely popular way for a company to collect money from various investors and get listed. SME IPO investors have earned huge returns.

Criteria for SME IPO:-

  1. The company should have a capital of Rs.3 crore which has been paid-up. It should be the same for net worth and tangible assets as well.
  2. Companies must be able to show that they have distributable profits for at least two of the last three financial years (excluding extraordinary income). This is in accordance with the terms of the Companies Act 2013, Section 124
  3. Depending on the price bracket, the minimum trading lots for SEM IPOs range from 100 to 10,000 as prescribed by SEBI guidelines. These are regularly reviewed and revised based on price changes after listing.

Upcoming SME IPO List 2022

Here you are going to see the list of SME(Small and Medium Enterprises) IPO which are going to be listed on the primary market in 2022.

SME IPO ListExchangeDateIssue Price
Veekayem Fashion IPOSME NSE05 – 11 Aug₹28
Upsurge Seeds IPOSME NSE29 July – 02 Aug₹120
Agni Green PowerSME NSE20 – 22 July₹10
Healthy Life AgritecSME BSE13 – 18 July₹10
B Right RealestateSME BSE30Jun – 05 July₹153
Jayant InfratechSME BSE30Jun – 05 July₹67
SKP BearingSME NSE30Jun – 04 July₹70
Kesar IndiaSME BSE30Jun – 04 July₹170
Mangalam WorldwideNSE SME30Jun – 04 Jul₹101
Veerkrupa JewellersBSE SME29Jun – 05 July₹27
Sailani Tours N TravelsBSE SME27-30 Jun₹15
KCK IndustriesNSE SME27-30 Jun₹30
Pearl Green Clubs And ResortsBSE SME27-29 Jun₹186
Modi’s NavnirmanBSE SME23-28 Jun₹180
Goel Food ProductsBSE SME15-20 Jun₹72
Scarnose InternationalBSE SME14-17 Jun₹55
Silver Pearl HospitalityBSE SME06-09 Jun₹18
Fidel SoftechNSE SME30-02 Jun₹37
Globesecure TechnologiesNSE SME23-25 May₹29
Rachana InfrastrctureNSE SME20-02 Jun₹135
Sonu InfratechBSE SME29-05 May₹36
Nanavati VenturesBSE SME25-27 Apr₹50
Fone4 commBSE SME25-27 Apr₹10
le Merite ExportsNSE SME25-28 Apr₹75
Global LonglifeBSE SME21-25 Apr₹140
Shashwat FurnishingBSE SME20-25 Apr₹45
Eighty JewellersBSE SME31-05 Apr₹41
Sunrise EfficientBSE SME30-05 Apr₹121
Dhyaani tileBSE SME30-04 Apr₹51
Jeena SikhoNSE SME30-07 Apr₹150
Krishna DefenseNSE SME25-29 Mar₹37-39
PE AnalyticsNSE SME22-25 Mar₹114
Achyut HealthcareBSE SME17-22 Mar₹20
Evoq Remedies IPOBSE SME17-22 Mar₹27
KN Agri IPONSE SME15-17 Mar₹71 – 75
Swaraj Suiting IPONSE SME15-17 Mar₹56
Bhatia Colour Chem IPOBSE SME14-16 Mar₹80
SP Refactories IPONSE SME09-11 Mar₹90
Cool Caps Industries IPONSE SME10-15 Mar₹ 36-38
Shigan Quantum Technologies IPONSE SME28Feb-03Mar₹ 50
Ekennis Software Service IPOBSE SME21-24 Feb₹ 72
Vaidya Sane Ayurved Laboratories IPONSE SME10-15 Feb₹ 73
Richa Info Systems IPONSE SME09-11 Feb₹ 125
Maruti Interior Products IPOBSE SME03-08 Feb₹ 55
Quality RO Industries IPOBSE SME27Jan-01Feb₹ 51
Safa Systems & Technologies IPOBSE SME28Jan-01Feb₹ 10
Precision Metaliks IPONSE SME19-24 Jan₹ 51
Alkosign IPOBSE SME18-21 Jan₹ 45
Dj Mediaprint & Logistics FPOBSE SME18-20 Jan₹ 125


What is an SME IPO?

SME is quite different from the IPO. SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) or IPO (Initial Public Offering) is a very popular way for a company to raise funds from various investors. A company has to make a detailed business plan to ensure that it will be successful when it comes to managing the funds that are raised. The investors also make their decisions based on that plan.

What is the difference between IPO and SME IPO?

An IPO is an initial public offering, which is a way for a company to raise funds by selling a portion of its shares to a public audience. This can be done through a stock exchange.
On the other hand, SME intends to raise funds by taking loans or selling shares to a small group of investors. This type of funding is done by private companies and is also referred to as private placement.

Is SME IPO a good investment?

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the economy. They contribute to the growth of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). They are a major source of employment generation and help in improving the per capita income of the economy.
SME IPO is a great way to invest in the economy and earn huge returns of up to 100% or more. IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. An IPO is when a company offers to trade shares of its stock for the first time. It’s called an initial public offering because the company is offering and selling the stock for the first time.
Raising money by offering shares of the company is called capital raising. When a company goes public, it may sell shares to raise money. The most common way to do this is by selling shares on a stock exchange.


The next time you invest in a company, it’s important to consider how they are using the money they are raising. Will they be using the money to expand their business? Will they be using the money to make their business more efficient and productive? Or will they be using the money to pay off a loan? SMEs or IPOs are a great way to raise money for your business, but be sure to understand how your money is being used before you hand over a check.