Upcoming IPO List With Marketyogi | Latest IPO List 2023

Hello Everyone in this post you will see the Upcoming IPO list of 2022 | Latest IPO List 2022, as you know in the year 2021 many companies have launched their IPOs like Paytm, Nayka, Latent View, Sapphire Foods, PolicyBazaar, Paras Defence, Sensera Engineering, Ami Organics, CarTrage, etc. Similarly, in the year 2022 also, many companies are going to start their journey in the stock market by bringing their IPOs. Therefore, through this post, we are going to inform you about upcoming IPO events like important Dates, Forthcoming IPO, the price band, the IPO lot size, IPO price band in the year 2022.

Upcoming IPO List in India 2023

Here you are going to see the upcoming IPO list which may be expected to come in May. Stay updated with us visit daily to check the important date and price bands.

What is an IPO (initial public offering)?

  • The initial public offering is a cycle by which a privately owned business turns into a freely recorded company through the offer of its stock.
  • With the help of IPO, Companies can raise capital by issuing new shares to the public.
  • Through the IPO the company gets its name listed on the stock exchange, and companies must meet the requirements of stock exchange regulatory authorities like SEBI.
  • To hold an initial public offering a company hires an investment bank to handle the IPO process before it becomes public then the investment bank and the company which wants to go public work out the financial details of the IPO.
  • Reasons why a company wants to go public:- Every company needs money for the expansion of business or to repay loans for working capital.

Types of IPO

There are two types of IPOs

1. Fixed Price type:- In this type of IPO, investors will now know the price of the stocks that the company decides to make public to take part in this IPO the investors must pay the full share price. 

2. Book Building Type:- In this type of IPO, the company that is going to public or initiating an IPO offers a price band on the stocks to the investors then the investors will have to bid on the shares before the final price is settled investors must specify the number of shares they want to buy and how much shares they are willing to pay, unlike a fixed price offer.

Before investing in an IPO check the historical and background data of the company. The company which does not have enough historical data as it is going public just now needs to be alert and consult your financial advisor.

List of Forthcoming IPO in 2022 in India

Here you are going to see the forthcoming IPO companies list which has filed DRHP in 2022 to SEBI, to bring IPO in 2022. Along with this, you are also going to see the Forthcoming IPO list in India in 2022.

Forthcoming IPO DRHP Applied in 2022
Navi Technologies Limited14 Mar 2022
EBIXCASH Ltd10 Mar 2022
India Exposition Mart Ltd08 Mar 2022
Suraj Estate Developers Ltd07 Mar 2022
Bikaji Foods international23 Feb 2022
Fedbank Financial Services22 Feb 2022
Archean Chemical Industries21 Feb 2022
TVS supply chain solution15 Feb 2022
Macleods Pharmaceuticals15 Feb 2022
LIC13 Feb 2022
Kids clinic India11 Feb 2022
Cogent E-services09 Feb 2022
Harsha Engineers International09 Feb 2022
Inox Green Energy Services08 Feb 2022
Ethos01 Feb 2022
Adani wilmar31 Jan 2022
Dharmaj Crop Guard29 Jan 2022
Imagine Marketing28 Jan 2022
Fabindia25 Jan 2022
Dreamfolks Services24 Jan 2022
Nandan Terry24 Jan 2022
Landmark Cars20 Jan 2022
Sresta Natural Bioproducts11 Jan 2022
Sanathan Textiles10 Jan 2022
Course5 Intelligence10 Jan 2022

Here you are going to see the forthcoming IPOs companies list which has filed DRHP in 2021 to SEBI, to bring IPO in 2022.

Forthcoming IPO DRHP Applied in 2021
Aether Industries31 Dec 2021
Rainbow Childrens Medicare28 Dec 2021
Protean eGov Technologies28 Dec 2021
Campus Activerwear27 Dec 2021
Bharat FIH27 Dec 2021
Venus Pipes & Tubes27 Dec 2021
TBO TEK27 Dec 2021
Capillary Technologies India27 Dec 2021
Hexagon Nutition24 Dec 2021
Asianet Satellite Communications22 Dec 2021
Snapdeal21 Dec 2021
Syrma SGS Technology16 Dec 2021
Maini Precision Products15 Dec 2021
Nandan Terry13 Dec 2021
CMR green Technology10 Dec 2021
JK Files & Engineering09 Dec 2021
Jesons Industires26 Nov 2021
Elin Electonics22 Nov 2021
Droom Technology18 Nov 2021
eMudhra15 Nov 2021
Five Star Business Finance12 Nov 2021
Verada Learning Solutions11 Nov 2021
API Holdings11 Nov 2021
Delhivery03 Nov 2021
Capital Small Finance Bank01 Nov 2021

Recently Listed IPO On 2021

Recently listed IPO historical data is available here. You can see the stock listed in the primary market in the year 2021 with its date, issue size, and price.

IPO NameDatesSizePrice
Star Health30Nov-02Dec₹7249.18 Cr.₹870-₹900
Go Fashions17-22Nov₹1013.61 Cr.₹655-₹690
Tarsons Product15-17Nov₹1023.47 Cr.₹635-₹662
Latent View10-12Nov₹600 Cr.₹190-₹197
Sapphire Food09-11Nov₹2073.25 Cr.₹161-₹163
Paytm08-10Nov₹18300 Cr.₹2080-₹2150
S.J.S01-03Nov₹800 Cr.₹531-₹542
Sigachi01-03Nov₹125.43 Cr.₹161-₹163
PlicyBazaar01-03Nov₹5,625 Cr.₹940-₹980
Nykaa28Oct-01Nov₹5352 Cr.₹1,085-₹1125
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC29 Sep-01Oct₹2,768 Cr.₹695-₹712
Paras Defence & Space Technology21-23 Sep₹170.78 Cr.₹165 – ₹175
Sansera Engineering14-16 Sep₹1,282.98 Cr.₹734 – ₹744
BEW Engineering02-07 Sep₹3.97 Cr.₹58 fixed
Ami Organics01-03 Sep₹569 Cr.₹603 – ₹610
Vijaya Diagnostic01-03 Sep₹1895 Cr.₹522 – ₹531
Aptus Value Housing10-12 Aug₹2780 Cr.₹346 – ₹353
Chemplast Sanmar10-12 Aug₹3850 Cr.₹530 – ₹541
Nuvoco Vistas09-11 Aug₹5000 Cr.₹560 – ₹570
CarTrade09-11 Aug₹2998 Cr.₹1585 – ₹1618
Windlas Biotech04-06 Aug₹401 Cr.₹448 – ₹460
Devyani International04-06 Aug₹1838 Cr.₹86 – ₹90
Exxaro Tiles04-06 Aug₹161 Cr.₹118 – ₹120
Krsnaa Diagnostics04-06 Aug₹1213 Cr.₹933 – ₹954
Rolex Rings28-30 July₹731 Cr.₹880 – ₹900
Glenmark Life Sciences27-29 July₹1514 Cr.₹695 – ₹720
Tatva Chintan Pharma16-20 July₹450 Cr.₹1073 – ₹1083
Zomato14-16 July₹9375 Cr.₹72 – ₹76
GR Infraprojects07-09 July₹963 Cr.₹828 – ₹837
Clean Science07-09 July₹1546 Cr.₹880 – ₹900
India Pesticides23-25 June₹800 Cr.₹290 – ₹296
Dodla Dairy16-18 June₹520 Cr.₹421-₹428
KIMS Hospital16-18 June₹2144 Cr.₹815-₹825
Shyam Metalics14-16 June₹909 Cr.₹303-₹306
Sona BLW Precision14-16 June₹5550 Cr.₹285-₹291
Lodha Developers07-09 Apr₹2500 Cr.₹483-486
Barbeque Nation24-26 Mar₹452 Cr.₹498-₹500
Suryoday Small Bank17-19 Mar₹582 Cr.₹303-₹305
Kalyan Jewellers16-18 Mar₹1175 Cr.₹86-₹87
Anupam Rasayan12-16 Mar₹760 Cr.₹553-₹555
Laxmi Organic15-17 Mar₹600 Cr.₹129-₹130
Craftsman Automation15-17 Mar₹823 Cr.₹1488-₹1490
Nazara Technologies17-19 Mar₹546 Cr.₹1100-₹1101
Easy Trip Planners08-10 Mar₹510 Cr.₹186-₹187
MTAR Technologies03-05 Mar₹596 Cr.₹574-₹575
Heranba Industries23-25 Feb₹625 Cr.₹626-₹627
Nureca Limited15-17 Feb₹100 Cr.₹396-₹400
Brookfield India REIT03-05 Feb₹3800 Cr.₹274-₹275
Stove Kraft25-28 Jan₹412 Cr.₹384-₹385
Home First Finance21-25 Jan₹1200 Cr.₹517-₹518
Indigo Paints20-22 Jan₹1176 Cr.₹1488-₹1490
RailTel16-18 Feb₹819 Cr.₹93-₹94
IRFC18-20 Jan₹4633 Cr.₹25-₹26
Antony Waste21-23 Dec₹300 Cr.₹313-₹315

How to invest in an IPO?

The first step is to decide the IPO you want to apply for,  the investors can decide by going through the prospectus of the company’s initiating IPO, the purpose of issuing IPO after coming to a decision regarding the IPO you want to invest in.

The next step is to arrange the funds, an investor can either use his savings or can avail a loan from certain banks.

Note:- Taking loan is not preferable

The next step is to open a Demat account. The Demat account allows the investors to store the shares in it and provides other financial securities. Without a Demat account, the investor cannot apply for an IPO.

Next is the application process an investor can apply for an IPO through his banking or trading account 


Q. What is an IPO?

A. IPO is an Initial Public Offering that allows the investor to invest in any company just before listing on Stock Exchange.

Q. Types Of IPO?

A. There are 2 Types of IPO Fixed Price offering and Book Building Offering.

Q. What do we need to invest in IPO?

A. We need only a Demat Account and Saving Account for applying for IPO.

Q. What are the parameters we see before investing in IPO?

A. Before investing in an IPO you have to check 1. the fundamental of the company, 2. Know about the management, 3. read the financial statement, and 4. the purpose of issuing an IPO.

Q. What is the Upcoming IPO List in 2022?

A. Upcoming IPO list in 2022 are:-

  1. LIC
  2. Pharmeasy
  3. Ruchi soya
  4. GoAir
  5. Hexagon Nutrition
  6. Mobikwik etc.